We believe in the power of education to enable multi-generational success

The cornerstone of continuity planning

Education is one of the key drivers of continuity in a family enterprise, and in our experience, those families that invest in the development of their human capital benefit significantly in the long term.

At LGA, we educate families and their leadership teams about the many opportunities and risks they will face in the pursuit of continuity. Our global team provides a range of educational solutions tailored to your family enterprise’s needs, drawing on our experience as faculty and frequent lecturers at leading universities, conferences, and private seminars.

Owner Development

Leveraging our on-campus teaching and research, LGA advisors are often asked to design and deliver customized private educational programs. We help enterprising families identify and understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with long-term continuity and develop current and future owners to be more effective in their various roles — whether they are operators, leaders in governance, or engaged with the family enterprise at large. 

Our custom programs accommodate family members across a range of learning styles, involve both conventional and experiential formats, and are designed with the flexibility to adapt to the evolving needs of the family over time.

Online Education

As family enterprises grow more complex over time, aligning availability and interest understandably becomes more challenging. For families who aren’t yet ready to invest in a customized program or would like to provide foundational training for a broad array of family members before investing more heavily in shareholder development, we created the LGA Academy to help them access timely, on-demand learning.

The LGA Academy is fully scalable and accessible on-demand — particularly useful in large systems or where aligning family schedules is complicated — and provides an excellent foundational understanding of the key concepts that support family enterprise continuity. It also compliments the programs our team delivers throughout the year at leading universities like Kellogg and Harvard.


Our customized family enterprise simulations complement our traditional educational programs by providing hands-on learning experiences that help participants wrestle with the many dilemmas and paradoxes inherent in any family enterprise. 

By asking leaders to make decisions in difficult scenarios, with imperfect information, and subject to uncertainty and chance, our family business simulations can reveal as much about your culture and values as they do about your strategic planning and decision-making capabilities. These experiences are facilitated by our trained team of advisors, who have run simulations in-person and online for leading family enterprises around the world.

On-Campus Programs

LGA’s advisors are faculty or frequent lecturers at universities, conferences, and private seminars. We have long-standing academic relationships with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the School of Management at Yale University, and Harvard University, among others. 

In our experience, on-campus learning is a great compliment to custom on-site programs because they provide direct contact with other enterprising families who are wrestling with similar issues or have resolved them in the past and can share their unique perspectives on continuity planning and achieving multi-generational success.


LGA advisors conduct research and publish insights on topics of direct relevance to family enterprises. We make these broadly accessible through articles, books, podcasts, and webinars so that emerging leaders can use them to inform their unique path to continuity, regardless of their size and influence. 

Our research also informs our teaching and advisory work — and vice versa — helping us to constantly push the boundaries of our understanding of and support for family enterprise continuity.