Our Values & Beliefs

We are committed to supporting your continuity and impact


Our commitment to supporting the long-term success of our clients is driven by a unique set of values which inform our culture and our work:

  • Integrity: We aspire to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in nurturing relationships with our clients, our partners, and each other
  • Curiosity: We have a relentless commitment to understanding our clients and supporting their unique situation through careful observation, inquiry, and intervention
  • Partnership: We believe that superior client service requires effective collaboration with our client families, their key advisors, and among our global team


Our approach to client service is informed by decades of experience and the following fundamental beliefs:

  • Family enterprises can be a force for good: They are uniquely positioned to generate superior long-term benefits for their shareholders, employees, partners, family members, and the communities they serve
  • Family enterprises are systems: While we address the unique dilemmas that arise within the familybusiness, or ownership, our focus is always on the continuity of the entire system
  • Family enterprise systems evolve predictably over time: Successful continuity requires understanding the legacy of the past, managing the realities of the present, and anticipating the opportunities and risks of the future
  • The whole system is our client: Achieving continuity means supporting the entire family, not any one individual, branch, or generation
  • Continuity is a journey, not an event: There are no quick fixes, and building a solid foundation for the future requires sustained effort and commitment.
  • Education is the cornerstone of Continuity: Understanding the challenge of family enterprise continuity is the first task in achieving it

Explore our key drivers of
family enterprise continuity

Our advisory work

Our advisory approach is rooted in organizational theory and research and informed by over 40 years of practical experience working with family enterprises globally.

LGA’s advisors help enterprising families manage complexity and design and implement their own unique path to continuity.

Our educational programs

Education is one of the key drivers of continuity in a family enterprise, and in our experience, those families that invest in the development of their human capital benefit significantly in the long term.

At LGA, we educate families and their leadership teams about the many opportunities and risks they will face in the pursuit of continuity. Our global team provides a range of educational solutions tailored to your family enterprise’s needs, drawing on our experience as faculty and frequent lecturers at leading universities, conferences, and private seminars.

Our team

Our global team of advisors offers a wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge and international experience to guide you on the path to continuity.

Case studies

Discover how we support our clients around the world through our unique diagnostic tools, planning capability, governance expertise and more.