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The Immortals

Beretta—the name is synonymous with elegant weaponry. Ugo Gussalli Beretta, 13th-generation leader of the Italian dynasty, reveals the secrets of remaining a family business for five centuries.

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A House Divided

The hugely successful trailer rental business founded by L.S. Shoen in 1945 now seems to illustrate all that can go wrong with a second-generation family business. What lessons can other family companies extract from the U-Haul imbroglio, which has divided Shoen and his 12 children into two warring camps?

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A Trust Betrayed

This case study is a morality play: A son lies to his father about going on a business trip, when he really was seeing a married woman ... on the company expense account. When his father discovers it, he wants to fire his son. The story of the Wheatality Baking Co. raises perplexing questions about private behavior and moral standards in family companies. At the end, read what four observers think about those issues.

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