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Succession Journeys

With statistics indicating that an unprecedented number of family businesses will be changing hands in the next decade, succession planning has been a high priority topic for this magazine. While management experts have formulated principles on the best ways to handle these often complex transitions, each family has to deal with its particular business circumstances and the unique personalities of its leaders in passing the torch to a new generation. We asked journalist Deanne Stone to revisit five companies that were in the throes of succession when we covered them, to see how they have fared and what lessons can be drawn from their experiences.    —The Editors

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A Granddaughter's Noble Quest

She promised her grandfather on his deathbed to keep his publishing company in family hands. How can a 26-year-old rally the family to deliver on her promise and save a famous Chicago newspaper? And what role is there for the "skipped-over" generation?

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How Brass Key Opens Doors in Asia

They manufacture porcelain dolls at six factories in China through a hands-on, transoceanic quality-control system. No, they’re not a multinational corporation. Just a smart family that knows how to cultivate—and motivate—people. By Deanne Stone in Family Business Magazine

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