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We hope you enjoy this commentary from the firm's consultants on a variety of topical issues facing family enterprises. Many of the articles include PDF versions which are available for download. Please feel free to share!

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Financing Family Ventures: Challenges and Opportunities

How can family enterprises keep diverse, dispersed next-generation members engaged and willing to participate? How best to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of all members, including those outside the business? How can families harness the entrepreneurial capabilities of rising generations to grow collective wealth and know-how?

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What is the Point of Family Enterprise Governance?

If you are asking this question it is likely that you are a first-generation founder wondering why you would want to bother with a “real” Board or a Family Council.  You are probably asking: Why complicate things?  Why involve people unnecessarily in decisions that are beyond their expertise?  Doesn’t everyone understand that the main thing is to continue growing and developing the business?

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