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Lansberg, Jaramillo and Carvajal were guest speakers at the IIC's Corporate Governance Symposium in Cartagena

Iván Lansberg, Fernanda Jaramillo and Gustavo Carvajal were guest speakers at the Corporate Governance Symposium held by the Interamerican Investment Corporation in Cartagena on April27 and 28, 2017.

The sessions were developed through theory, cases studies and group exercises, presenting strategies to develop an effective governance system, and ways to enhance its performance. Some of the topics that were covered were the evolution of family businesses and their typical challenges in each development stage, strategies for the design and implementation of Boards, the planning of leadership succession and the attributes to be a responsible shareholder. The workshop was attended by 71 people, 43 of whom belonged to family businesses and 25 to non-family businesses, from 11 countries in Latin America and the United States.