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Francisco Valera


Francisco specializes in research and consulting to complex family enterprises.

Prior to joining LGA, he was the Technical Director of the Instituto de la Empresa Familiar in Barcelona.

This is an association representing Spain’s 100 largest family-owned enterprises.

His duties included doing economic analysis and family business education. In the economics arena, his work involved studying the influence of succession and gift taxes on the transfer of family businesses to the next generation.

His work was an important contribution to the Instituto’s goal of changing the legal constraints on the transmission of family businesses in Spain.

At the Instituto, Francisco was also actively involved in family business education and developed training programs for the members and their families. He was responsible for running the next generation Forum that focused on enhancing the leadership skills of successor candidates.

Prior to his involvement with the Instituto, Francisco worked for ten years for the Fomento del Trabajo National (Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Catalonia). His responsibilities there included analysis of the economic environment and representation of the Fomento at different levels of public administration and with the trade unions.

Francisco is an economist and has written several books and articles about the influence of the tax system on economic and business activity, and the consequences of tax harmonization in the European Union. To broaden his professional expertise with family enterprises, he has also undertaken a postgraduate education in family systems at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.

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