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LEADERSHIP Team Development

Supporting your key decision-making teams

Much of our consulting work at LGA centers on helping top leadership teams function more effectively.

When siblings agree, no fortress is as strong as their common life.
— Antisthenes

Many family enterprises today are experimenting with leadership teams that involve siblings, cousins and non-family executives. Some family companies retain traditional structures and organizational charts, but emphasize the collaborative effort among those in executive roles (e.g. Chair, President, and CEO). Other companies are experimenting with more non-traditional designs, such as an "Office of the President."

Using interviews and feedback, group assessment tools, facilitation of meetings, and individual coaching, we help family leaders to:

  • Differentiate their governance and management responsibilities in the family, the board, and the business
  • Assess whether the conditions are in place to make a leadership team viable
  • Discuss their personal aspirations and the vision they have for the family enterprise they want to build
  • Clarify their roles within the team.
  • Develop the communication and interpersonal skills necessary to function effectively as a leadership team, and to interact more effectively with their direct reports, the board, the shareholders, and the family.

Experience has taught us that when sibling and/or cousins come to lead an enterprise armed with a shared vision, complementary talents, a singular commitment to a partnership, and a fundamental enjoyment of their relationships the results can be phenomenal. Our job at LGA is to help families create the conditions to make this happen.


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