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Career Development

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LGA’s Career Development Consultation is designed to help individual family members identify, pursue, and succeed at careers that match their skills and abilities inside or outside the family enterprise. These consultation services are particularly useful for those entering the business and for those advancing to more senior positions.

Our work with career development planning typically begins with setting up a Career Development Committee to oversee the entry and general development of family members in the business, to advise each family member on educational choices, work experiences, and career directions; and to assist with the evaluation process for future leadership.   These Committee members usually include a senior executive from the family business, a human resource’s leader, a Board member, sometimes a senior family member, and the LGA consultant.

The Career Development Committee:

  • Meets regularly with members of the next generation in the business
  • Provides help in career assessments
  • Advises individuals on their career development plan
  • Assists the company in designing appropriate developmental experiences, and
  • Consults with the family assembly and the Board of Directors on career development planning, family employment policies, and succession planning.

Most importantly, the Committee is responsible for a medium and long-range plan for the development of the next generation of family leadership. They consider the range of experiences that family executives will need in the future, the key supervisors and mentors who can help along the way, and the learning and “proving” steps that will build the ability of younger leaders to gain credibility and authority.  The goal of the committee is not to select an individual successor for top positions, but to guide each family member into a “best fit” of her or his abilities and interests with the needs of the company.

We also provide consultation to the next generation of family members, providing confidential coaching to family members.  Coaching includes assessment, career evaluations, and action planning.  For those in the early stages of their career, this consultation gives family members an opportunity to explore possible career paths, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of joining the family business, and learn what educational and vocational experiences will help them decide their future course.  For those at mid-career, this consultation provides an opportunity to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and develop an action plan for taking their next step in their careers, whether in the business or outside of it.


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