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Leadership Assessment

Defining & developing your leadership team

The Leadership Assessment and Coaching program is designed to promote the professional growth of the top leadership team of a family enterprise.

The program begins with a comprehensive individual assessment using the LGA 360 for Family Business Leaders©. The results of the assessment are used create a unique developmental plan for each participant, and to guide executive coaching tailored to increase leaders’ effectiveness.

The LGA 360 for Family Business Leaders© is an assessment instrument designed specifically to assess executives’ abilities to lead a family business. The competencies that are included in this survey are selected based on research and our experience with family enterprise worldwide, focusing on the particular skills that are the hallmark of exemplary leaders working within a family business. It is ideally suited for family and non-family leaders who are, or aspire to be, in senior positions in family businesses, family foundations, and family offices.

The assessment tool, which is administered separately from a company’s usual performance evaluation system, includes ratings and feedback on fourteen executive competencies, problems that can stall a career, and a set of customized questions measuring skills in family collaboration and governance. The survey is administrated online using a secure website and provides ratings and feedback from multiple groups: superiors, peers, direct reports, and others.

As appropriate, the assessment process is expanded with interviews with key stakeholders to gather additional data. In other cases, we make use of additional assessment tools to gather data on a person’s learning styles, career preferences, or interpersonal dynamics that are particularly relevant to a potential leader’s situation and aspirations.  Executives receive their detailed feedback report on their strengths and areas for development in a confidential coaching session. The coach helps the leader create a plan for training and education, new behaviors, resolving interpersonal roadblocks with other leaders, and techniques for building the system's overall collaborative and continuity capacity.

Follow-up coaching sessions help the leaders to implement their development plan and become more effective in their present positions, and better prepared for more senior leadership in the family enterprise in the future.


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