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Your trusted family business advisors

We are a global professional advisory firm supporting the world's leading family enterprises. Our consulting, research, writing, and teaching all reflect our commitment to family governance and continuity.

We believe that family enterprises are uniquely positioned to generate superior long-term benefits for stakeholders -- their shareholders, employees, family members and their community.

We believe that becoming a truly collaborative family and sustaining a legacy enterprise across generations is one of the hardest and most rewarding challenges that a family can choose.

We believe that family enterprises are systems, so choices made in one sector – familybusiness, or ownership – have consequences for all the others. 

We believe that change is an inescapable reality in all living systems – including families and the organizations they build – and take a developmental approach based on understanding the legacy of the past, the realities of the present, and collective aspirations for the future.

We believe the whole family is the client, not any one individual or generation – our job is to sort through the different points of view without pre-judgment and to help the family come to a new, more productive common understanding.

We believe there are no ‘quick fixes’ – building a solid foundation for the future of the business and the family requires time and commitment.

We believe broad experience is valuable but each client system is unique – we apply lessons learned from hundreds of families to each new situation and avoid "off the rack" solutions.


About the Firm

Both of the firm’s founders, Ivan Lansberg and Kelin Gersick, grew up in family businesses and appreciate the special value these organizations contribute to society. They have been working together for over 25 years, and formed LGA in 1997.  Having spent their entire careers as both professors and consultants, their goal was to create a specialized firm of colleagues who would not only be excellent advisors, but were also committed to research, writing, teaching, and all aspects of knowledge generation and dissemination.

Today, a diverse group of Consulting Associates from all over the world serve family businesses through Lansberg, Gersick & Associates (LGA). All the members of our firm bring multi-disciplinary knowledge and international experience to their projects.

We believe that it is the blend of our individual strengths that provides the maximum value to our clients. Every project is assigned a lead consultant, and for larger systems, consulting teams are formed depending on the specific needs of the client. While only one or two consultants may actually be in the field with the client family, the entire group meets regularly to review each consultation and suggest effective strategies.

LGA’s main office is in New Haven, Connecticut. Our Associates are independent contractors from all over the world, who maintain offices in: New York City, Philadelphia, Toronto, Montreal, Guatemala City, Cali, Brussels and Barcelona. We travel to serve clients all over the world. About one-third of LGA projects are centered in North America, one-third in Central and South America, and the final third distributed throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa


About our Services

We advise individual family clients on all aspects of governance and continuity for their enterprises. 

In this client work we are most frequently assisting with operating companies (both privately held and family-controlled-publicly-traded), holding companies, family offices and private trust companies, and family foundations.

We do research and publish findings on topics of relevance to family enterprise, sometimes at our own initiative, and other times sponsored by an individual client, association, or foundation.

We teach and lecture at universities, association meetings, webinars, conferences, and in private seminars and academies.  We have special academic relationships with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the School of Management at Yale University and Harvard University, but we also are involved in many other educational institutions in the United States and abroad.


About our Clients

LGA works with families and the professionals who serve them in a variety of organizational settings. 

Over the past decade we have advised families in over 30 countries on 6 continents. Our typical clients include multi-generational families who govern operating or investment companies with revenues between US$500 million and $200 billion or more.  Some are closely held and others are publicly traded.  We also have an “Emerging Enterprises” client group whose revenues range from $50 to $500 million, most often governed by founders and sibling partnerships.