Our intervention model is rooted in organizational theory and research, and shaped by over 40 years of experience with the very practical dilemmas of hundreds of families around the world. We have a core technology that we adapt to every consultation, focused on meeting the immediate needs expressed by the clients, but also looking ahead to the demands of the near and distant future.

A typical relationship begins with an initial assessment (the LGA Continuity Audit), which leads into a phase of intensive planning and organizational change. We then follow-up to monitor progress and discuss new concerns and needs as they arise.

During our engagements, our focus is always on the continuity of the entire system, including the familyownership and the business. Together with our clients, we address the unique challenges and dilemmas that arise within each of these fundamental areas of a complex family enterprise.

Here is a brief list of several common services we provide:


LGA Intervention Model

LGA engagements typically begin with a Continuity Audit in order to assess the system’s capacity for continuity, culminating with a series of recommendations and a discussion about prioritization. Following the Audit, we typically maintain on-going relationships with our clients as resources to help implement their agreed upon plans.