Business Continuity

Our consulting services to strengthen business viability are focused on two interventions:  leadership, present and future, and governance architecture, particularly board development.

Leadership Development

The success of any family enterprise most often depends on the quality of its leaders.  In particular, the success of any generational transition is linked to the ability of leaders in both the senior and junior generations to work together to lead the transition effectively.  Our Leadership Development consulting services are designed to strengthen this critical component of family enterprises.

In some families, our work focuses on work with the senior generation family leaders, as they oversee the growth and increasing complexity of the business and define their legacy for the future.  In other family businesses, our work is designed to strengthen the skills of the rising generation so that they can move into positions of leadership within the business or the ownership circles.  In addition we often work is with the non-family executives to help them effectively fill their essential and complicated roles in a family-governed system.

Our consulting services and leadership programs include:

Board Development

Though boards can be among the most helpful contributors to the continuity of a family enterprise, they are frecuently poorly developed, badly staffed and underutilized. Our consultation services to family enterprise boards aim at assessing their effectiveness and supporting their on-going development.

We approach board assessment and design from a “360 perspective” that views the Board as actively engaged in multiple directions, including:

360 Degree Governance

Our objective is to work closely with the Chair and the Directors to enhance the board’s performance and usefulness. Common Board interventions include:


A variety of governance bodies, policies and procedures are available in all three circles to help facilitate the ownership and management of a family enterprise.