Meet The LGA Team

A diverse group of family business consultants from all over the world who serve family enterprises through LGA. All the Associates in our firm bring multi-disciplinary knowledge and international experience to their projects.

Alice C. Buhl, MBA Devin DeCiantis, MPP      Michèle Desjardins, CMC    
Neus Feliu, MA, MRes     Connie Gersick, Ph.D. Kelin E. Gersick, Ph.D.    
Katherine Grady, Ph.D.      Holly Isdale, Esq.     Fernanda Jaramillo, MBA    
Ivan Lansberg, Ph.D.     Maria Dolores Moreno, MBA     Barbara Murray, Ph.D.
Wendy R. Ulaszek, Ph.D.      Francisco Valera    
  • Alice Buhl, MBA

    Alice Buhl has extensive experience in philanthropy and nonprofit management. Alice has served as executive director of the Conference on Education and of the Metropolitan Association for Philanthropy in St. Louis, and senior vice president of the Council on Foundations in Washington, DC. (more…)

  • Devin DeCiantis, MPP, BBA

    Devin DeCiantis specializes in financial, operational, and strategic aspects of family enterprise. He brings a background in corporate strategy, economic analysis and investment management to his work with family businesses, family offices and family foundations. (more…)

  • Michèle Desjardins, CMC

    Michèle Desjardins is a Certified Management Consultant and a chartered administrator. She has extensive consulting and executive experience. She is President of Koby Consulting Inc., a management consulting firm. (more…)

  • Neus Feliu, MA, MRes

    Over the last 20 years Neus has developed an expertise in corporate and family business governance specializing in large Latin American and European Family Businesses. (more…)

  • Connie J. G. Gersick, Ph.D.

    Connie J. G. Gersick, currently Visiting Scholar at the Yale School of Management, was a professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management for 17 years.  Her research interests include women’s career and adult development; women in Asian business families; and the effects of time and deadlines on project teams. (more…)

  • Kelin E. Gersick, Ph.D.

    Kelin Gersick is a Management Fellow at the Yale School of Organization and Management, and Professor Emeritus of Organizational Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. He is also co-founder and a senior partner of Lansberg, Gersick & Associates, a research and consulting firm in New Haven, Connecticut, that serves family businesses, family offices and family foundations. (more…)

  • Katherine Grady, Ph.D.

    Katherine Grady is a Partner in LGA and a family business consultant for over 20 years. Her consultative work focuses on continuity planning, governance design, leadership development, executive coaching, and family team building with family businesses, offices and foundations. (more…)

  • Holly Isdale, Esq.

    Holly Isdale is a Senior Associate with Lansberg, Gersick & Associates LLC, focusing on continuity planning. A tax attorney by training, Holly has spent the last two decades advising wealthy families on personal estate and investment planning and trust management for JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. (more…)

  • Fernanda Jaramillo, MBA

    Fernanda Jaramillo is a Senior Associate specializing in governance and strategy in family business, primarily in Central and South America. Immediately before joining LGA, Fernanda led a turnaround effort in a large family-owned retail business, designing the transition from family to professional management, establishing a formal board of directors with independent members and, prior to her departure, leading a reverse transition back to family management. (more…)

  • Ivan Lansberg, Ph.D.

    Ivan Lansberg grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Venezuela. He has consulted with complex family businesses in the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and Latin America, and has made significant contributions to the understanding of family business governance and succession. He was one of the founders of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and the first editor of its professional journal, the Family Business Review.   (more…)

  • Maria Dolores Moreno, MBA

    Maria Dolores Moreno has worked in the field of finance in family-owned businesses over the last twenty years.  Before becoming a consultant, she was the Chief Financial Officer of a major family enterprise in Central America. During her professional career she has worked extensively on family business financing, mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, dividend policies, stock ownership programs and executive compensation. (more…)

  • Barbara Murray, Ph.D.

    Barbara Murray is an Affiliate at LGA and has been a family business consultant for over 20 years. During this time the focus of her work has been on continuity planning, emphasizing the development of Family Governance as a key factor in the success of family enterprises over the generations. (more…)

  • Wendy R. Ulaszek, Ph.D.

    Wendy Ulaszek holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in family systems and organizational behavior. At LGA, in addition to her work on family governance and family foundations, she has a special focus on executive coaching, succession planning, and the development of the next generation. (more…)

  • Francisco Valera

    Francisco Valera is an Associate with Lansberg, Gersick & Associates in Spain. He specializes in research and consulting to complex family enterprises. (more…)