LGA’s Core Principles

Our perspective on family enterprise continuity rests on five core principles:

Change is an inescapable reality in all living systems, including families and the organizations they build. That is why we take a developmental approach, based on an understanding of the legacy of the past, the realities of the present, and the ultimate aspirations for the future.

Family enterprises are systems, so choices made in one sector have consequences for all the others. For family enterprises to bring about meaningful, lasting change in one area – family, business, or ownership – the plan must take into account the other two as well, and the interaction among them.

The whole family is the client, not any one individual or generation. We assume that each individual’s perspective on any situation is true for him or her, but is only one piece of the puzzle. Our job is to sort through the different points of view without pre-judgment and to help the family come to a new, more productive common understanding.

There are no ‘quick fixes.’ Building a solid foundation for the future of the business and the family requires time and commitment. We prefer to establish long-term, ongoing relationships with clients. Most of our projects last for at least a year or two, and we have been working with some families for more than a decade.

Broad experience is valuable, but each client system is unique. We apply lessons learned from hundreds of families to each new specific situation, individually assessed. There are no “off the rack” solutions.  The interventions we recommend are tailored to the client’s goals, cost-effective, and in keeping with the highest ethical standards.