A Focus on Continuity

We do not take the continuity of any family enterprise into future generations for granted.  Our conceptual model of transition — adapted from the most widely accepted theories of management science — addresses both the family’s “collective dream of continuity,” and a realistic assessment of the viability of the enterprise in the future.

We help families address all facets of this complex process:

  • acceptance of the inevitability of change
  • commitment to disengaging from dependence on existing resources
  • exploration of all possible futures
  • choice of a new design and new leadership
  • implementation of the successor system

Every point on this journey must maximize communication, trust, creativity, and the courage to simultaneously see challenges and resources clearly, and to imagine new possibilities.  For some families, it is also essential to confront the alternatives to continuity — the honest assessment of whether the resources exist for a generational transition, and an analysis of the possibility of harvesting, pruning the tree, or division into a set of diversified interests.

We guide families through all phases of this process in all three circles: Ownership Continuity, Business Continuity, and Family Continuity.


Succession should always be thought of as a process, not an event. It is a generational relay that involves helping incumbent leaders to plan their departure as well assisting new leaders in taking charge.