The LGA Approach

We are committed to helping families improve all aspects of their collaborative efforts to oversee their businesses, foundations, and wealth management in the most effective and satisfying manner possible. That is our professional mandate, and our personal passion. As a result of our expertise in both organizational functioning and family dynamics, we are able to assist families across the spectrum of needs, addressing the governance, strategy, leadership, and process factors simultaneously.

Theory — and Experience

Our intervention model is rooted in organizational theory and research, and shaped by over 40 years of experience working with hundreds of families around the world.


Problem solving — and Legacy

We design projects that respond to the immediate needs expressed by the clients, but also look ahead to the demands of the future.

Three Phases of Intervention

A typical relationship begins with an assessment (the LGA Continuity Audit), followed by a period of intensive planning and organizational change, and then follow-up to monitor progress and discuss new concerns and needs.

A Holistic, System Approach

Our focus is always on the continuity of the entire system, including the family, ownership, and the business.  We address the unique dilemmas that arise within each of these fundamental areas of a complex family enterprise, as well as the challenge of integrating them into a well-functioning whole.


LGA Intervention Model
LGA engagements typically begin with a Continuity Audit in order to assess the system’s capacity for continuity.