Supporting the continuity of your

across generations

We treat all family enterprises as systems

They have dynamic and overlapping subsystems: Business, Ownership and Family. Continuity requires planning and action across all three over time.

A commitment to continuity requires a clear and energizing vision for future ownership along with the structures, policies and processes, and leadership to achieve it. These activities are typically governed by a network of Boards and committees that ensure the shared vision of the owners is aligned with business strategy and family values. These values often include important messages to family owners about stewarding wealth responsibly, and opportunities to achieve important social change and leave a family legacy via Family Philanthropy.

All families are unique, though they also share many common characteristics, challenges, and opportunities. Members typically align around their core values and an emotional connection to a common entrepreneurial legacy. Their activities are often focused around connection, engagement, education and impact and governed by a Family Council.
Enterprising families often oversee a range of activities including operating companies and investment portfolios. Long-term planning across complex entities requires strategic alignment, effective leadership, clear guidelines for family involvement, and effective communication with a broad array of stakeholders. These initiatives are typically governed by top executives in collaboration with a Board and Family Council.
3 circles business
3 circles ownership
3 circles legacy
3 circles family

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The LGA Continuity Audit, our signature diagnostic tool, will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your family enterprise system and a customized roadmap to achieve multi-generational success.

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In light of the many crises that haunt the daily news cycle, there is one segment of the corporate landscape that seems to be weathering the storm better than most: family businesses.


How to approach Philanthropy

About one-quarter of our work relates to family philanthropy, most often as part of a complex family enterprise or family office.